Blood flow increase as basis of much of Chinese medicine techniques across the board, both physical and medicinal.

It is profound to focus on improving circulation – it is literally one of the biggest changes someone may experience when it comes to feeling better.

Especially when there are so many other approaches that have been tried.

After you experience the feeling of being unstuck that freed up circulation causes, it is hard to describe the “freedom” in the vitality and range in your body that is possible.

It’s like when you have super tight muscles and the world feels small and restricted, and then you get out of an epsom salt bath and the world feels much bigger, if that makes sense.

There are a number of techniques that can be learned to increase circulation and also to begin to reverse calcification.

In fact, if you ask Chinese doctors, they will explain that the primary objective of so much of Chinese medicine is based on increasing circulation, because the body will then begin to be unstuck and function more like it used to.

There are many techniques that deal with this wide spread problem that has different manifestations in the body.

If blood is “congested” there is a feeling of malaise and a diminishment of function.

Increasing circulation allows the body to flush away toxins and disease, and bring repairing cells and blood nourishment to the area of the body that was deprived of proper blood flow before.

One of the factors for the syndrome of blood stagnation is Atherothrombosis.