There are a range of treatments to begin to actually improve calcification – not just a few.

The accumulation of calcification is a reaction to a number of issues.

When calcification is understood as to how it inter-relates to the body’s mineral imbalance, and if you look at the process of Vit K as mover of calcium into some tissues and away from others.

There is also the issue of modern day scurvy (Vit C deficiency) believe it or not, that can be caused by nutrient malabsorption from some prescriptions such as Olmesartan/Benicar.

This paper shows that calcification is connected to scurvy in a case of a child.

The calcification was turned around in this case by correcting the Vit C deficiency.

Sometimes you have to do more than just increase dietary intake because of absorption issues.

Each case is potentially different depending on what is going on…