What too many first-time caregivers often can’t understand, is that caregiving – while a large responsibility of course – is actually the short-cut to the whole family’s health improving.

By making the highest quality intelligently experienced health education the priority, there is the fabulous golden opportunity to learn how to solve the forthcoming inevitable health problems of every member of the family.

Many sources of “expert” advice about supplements are mis-guided because the truth is, that it takes decades of experience, and asking a lot of questions, to sort out the debate around each health issue and each supplement theory.

The Economist Magazine wrote an expose of the wide-spread fraud in academic studies, and that includes medical studies, and supplement studies.

Companies that sell supplements will quote many sources, and they can still be wrong – and are often wrong – causing your family damage – even unknowingly.

For instance, Vitamin C behaves differently in the body than what was thought by Linus Pauling who believed that Ascorbic Acid was identical to food-based Vitamin C. Now we know that Ascorbic Acid changes the mineral balance in a harsh way that food-based C does not.

This is a very important distinction when trying to control inflammation and infection – which are two of the biggest risks for health problems.

Iron is a serious feeder of infection.

This is reflected in the knowledge that ferritin in the blood is a marker of inflammation.

Many doctors have not studied this area.

That’s why they give out iron and subject people to more dangers that they should instead be protected from.